What is Kombucha?

What is Kombucha?

Mar 25th 2019

What is kombucha?Bubbly? Effervescent? Vinegar tea?We’ll admit it: the infographic is a little silly, but we do not think it is too far from the truth. When we at Brewch first heard about kombucha we … read more

How to Make Kombucha

Mar 11th 2019

It is easy. Other blogs out there in the blogosphere will try and convince you that learning how to make kombucha is a long and frustrating process. It does not have to be. You can start your fir … read more

Customer Reviews

Jan 25th 2019

“My favorites are Mango Magic and Cranappelle. The Miracle Potion helped make a few of my bottles more kid friendly to the taste. I appreciate what you do!” -Brenna“All in all, I love the product, bei … read more

How to Brewch

Jan 1st 2019

Brewch works best when added to your F2. As you start to bottle up all your delicious Kombucha add a few drops of brewch to each bottle. We’ve found it works best if you add 0.60ml of Brewch per 16oz … read more

Brewch Miracle Potion

Dec 19th 2018

Do you believe in miracles? Cause we do.As a home brewer it can feel like a miracle when you finally get the right combination of sugar and flavor, and make a delicious brew. Flavoring booch is diffic … read more