Kombucha resources

Kombucha Brewers International

Kombucha Brewers International is a non profit [501 (C) (6)] trade association of commercial kombucha brewers committed to protecting and promoting commercial kombucha brewers around the world.  We are members, and you should be too!

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Kombucha Laboratory Testing

Cultured Analysis Analytic services and consulting for commercial kombucha brewers with an emphasis on alcohol analysis and production methods. These are essential services for any growing kombucha brewery.  

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Kombucha Fermentation Consultants

Specialized consulting and education for the production of natural, fermented beverages and food, as well as the development and implementation of production lines for commercial brewers.

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DIY Kombucha - Kombucha Kamp

The go-to-source for small scale kombucha supplies, information and knowledge building. Not Just Kombucha! Kefir and jun tea resources as well.

"The Big Book of Kombucha" is considered the DIY Kombucha Brewers Bible.

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Organic Tea for Kombucha

Teatulia has a special emphasis on wholesale organic tea for brewing fermented kombucha. They are experienced and have a multiple-value bottom line. 


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Symbiosis Magazine and Booch News

The central nervous system of kombucha news and information. Home of the Kombucha Podcast, you can even listen to a profile of yours truly, Brewch Kombucha Flavors!


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