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A tree picked ripe pear in your kombucha, absolutely amazing. This organic pear kombucha flavoring can be mixed with spicier flavors like ginger, or enjoy it straight (preferred). All types of tea bases will cary the top notes of Pearesto, but for the freshest notes, use green tea.  The magic of Brewch Pearesto flavoring will be evident to you immediately.  There is no better way to capture the brilliant flavoring of an organic pear than this liquid extract! 

Contains 60ml of Brewch Kombucha flavoring! Each bottle is enough to make up to 6 gallons of fully flavored Kombucha! Use about 10 drops (.5ml) added to a 16 oz bottle just before you begin your F2 fermentation or gently mix Brewch into your entire batch and let it chill overnight before you enjoy!