Individual 60ml Brewch™ Kombucha Flavoring

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60ml of your favorite Brewch Organic Kombucha flavoring! Each bottle is enough to make up to 6 gallons of fully flavored Kombucha! Use about 10 drops (.5ml) added to a 16 oz bottle just before you begin your F2 fermentation or gently mix Brewch into your entire batch and let it chill overnight before you enjoy!  

Flavor Notes:

  • LEMBAS GRASS is sweet lemon grass with notes of custard. It is balanced citrus with a smooth finish.
  • GINGER MANDRAKE is a robust ginger flavor which gives your homebrew a rich spicy taste.
  • CALADONIAN CUCUMBER Smooth and refreshing notes of wet cucumber when served chilled.
  • PEARESTO A Tree picked ripe pear. Can be mixed with spicier flavor like ginger.
  • MANGO MAGIC Soft ripe mango essence gives Kombucha a warm,tropical vibe.
  • MANNA FRUIT blends passion fruit, pineapple and mango. The result is reminiscent of a delightful smoothie.
  • CRANAPPELLE is tart and sweet notes of apple and cranberry.This flavor is delightfully crisp, reminiscent of cold and clear fall days.
  • MIRACLE POTION is a tasteless additive that counteracts the bitter and sour notes from your kombucha. Use Miracle Potion sparingly
  • MELANGE SPICE This flavor is earthy, with hints of cinnamon. Imagine something better than a spiced chai from a coffee shop.
  • BASILIUS ARRAKIS This basil type flavor is refreshing, goes very well chilled.