Ginger Mandrake

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Ginger Mandrake is a robust ginger flavor which gives your brew a rich spicy taste. Named for the mythical fertility plant that Rachel and Leah exchange in the Book of Exodus, Brewch Ginger Mandrake flavoring is strong and fresh and will infuse your booch with zesty life. A classic organic flavoring, Ginger can be used with any type of Kombucha tea: Oolong, green tea, or black tea.

Contains 60ml of Brewch Kombucha flavoring! Each bottle is enough to make up to 6 gallons of fully flavored Kombucha! Use about 10 drops (.5ml) added to a 16 oz bottle just before you begin your F2 fermentation or gently mix Brewch into your entire batch and let it chill overnight before you enjoy!