How to Make Kombucha

Mar 11th 2019

It is easy. Other blogs out there in the blogosphere will try and convince you that learning how to make kombucha is a long and frustrating process. It does not have to be. You can start your fir … read more

How to Brewch

Jan 1st 2019

Brewch works best when added to your F2. As you start to bottle up all your delicious Kombucha add a few drops of brewch to each bottle. We’ve found it works best if you add 0.60ml of Brewch per 16oz … read more

Brewch Launch

Dec 1st 2018

After countless taste tests, gallons of continuous brew, and a whole lot of scobys we are ready to share brewch. Brewch was born in 2017 on the rainy west coast. We watched the Kombucha storm take ove … read more