How to Brewch

Jan 1st 2019

Brewch works best when added to your F2.

As you start to bottle up all your delicious Kombucha add a few drops of brewch to each bottle.

We’ve found it works best if you add 0.60ml of Brewch per 16oz Kombucha (the normal size of a swing top bottle).

There’s just one exception: Miracle Potion. This tasteless flavor can (and should) be used in much smaller quantities in your booch. Its works some powerful magic, but too much of a good thing is...well you know.

Since Brewch is so easy to use you can add it to any of your favorite Kombucha recipes. If you love using real fruit, try fruit+Brewch=magic. You will taste the difference.

You can even combine brewch flavors together and make delicious flavors. If you have any share them with us #brewchmagic.