Customer Reviews

Jan 25th 2019

“My favorites are Mango Magic and Cranappelle. The Miracle Potion helped make a few of my bottles more kid friendly to the taste. I appreciate what you do!”


“All in all, I love the product, being able to flavor without adding extra sugar is why I like it the most. It allowed me to make lots of different flavor combinations.”


“I love not having to prep anything during bottling and brewing, not find my funnel and filter just to drink it, and how it takes up no bottle space so more for me!”


“Great flavors for my 'booch! A great assortment of sweet and savory offerings will leave no one disappointed with their brew.

Also, their customer support is phenomenal. I've been dealing with Skye and they are very prompt, kind, and informative with whatever I need.

I would definitely do business with Brewch again.”