Brewch Miracle Potion

Dec 19th 2018

Do you believe in miracles? Cause we do.

As a home brewer it can feel like a miracle when you finally get the right combination of sugar and flavor, and make a delicious brew. Flavoring booch is difficult. It requires managing many different factors. If you’re a normal human being, with a busy lifestyle, sometimes there’s not enough time to manage all the factors and get the flavor you want.

We get it.

That’s why we’ve made flavors which simplify the Kombucha flavoring process. We want you to spend less time perfecting your booch recipes and more time enjoying your Kombucha!

Our Miracle Potion is made specifically for Kombucha brewing. Though it is a tasteless potion it counteracts some of the bitter and sour notes from your Kombucha. It is so powerful you only need few drops in your Kombucha.

Brewch Miracle Potion can stand alone in Kombucha, or you can use it alongside other Brewch flavors. It is totally up to your taste buds.

You don’t need to use Miracle Potion in every brew. However it works great in brews which might have gotten a little too vinegary. You can also use it if you’re making Kombucha for some folks who are a little unsure about the whole Kombucha thing. Kombucha home brewer Brenna says: “The miracle potion helped make a few of my bottles more kid friendly to the taste.” Imagine if you could get your kids drinking more Kombucha than soda?

We at Brewch, love Kombucha. We love Kombucha so much we want to spread that love to everyone! But in order to spread that love we need to give people passion for drinking Kombucha. And we believe that that passion starts with good flavor.

Start working miracles with your booch today and try out the Brewch Miracle Potion!