Brewch Launch

Dec 1st 2018

After countless taste tests, gallons of continuous brew, and a whole lot of scobys we are ready to share brewch.

Brewch was born in 2017 on the rainy west coast. We watched the Kombucha storm take over Seattle. Kombucha slowly took up more and more shelf space in grocery stores. We had to try some. After our first sip we were hooked, and we wanted to take a gander at making our own. However we quickly realized that learning how to make and flavor Kombucha, is almost as difficult as rocket science (almost).

That set us on a journey. Our mission was to find a simple and cost-efficient way to flavor our home brewed Kombucha without compromising the taste and quality of our booch. And violà! Brewch.

We launched our assortment pack of 10 flavors on Amazon in the fall of 2019. Several months later we added some new products and created our own store.

Brewch is for Brewers. Whether you’re a veteran or newbie, we want your help making Brewch the best Kombucha flavoring out there.