Brewch is flavoring for use after the primary fermentation (F1) of your kombucha. It works like a magic potion to give you top note flavors without disrupting the brewing process in a bottle or keg. 

Use Brewch for Homemade Kombucha

All Brewch flavorings are concentrated from organic compliant, vegan, gluten & sugar free extracts and are formulated for easy use at home.

Home brewers can use Brewch flavorings in impressive ways.  You can simply use Brewch by itself or add it to your favorite kombucha recipe. Organic extracts make limitless combinations of flavoring and kombucha possible by layering flavor notes at home, even when the raw material is out of season. Because brewch is sugar free, you can have final control of your flavoring, fizz and sweetness during F2 fermentation.

We want to help our friends and family enjoy the wonderful taste potential of kombucha. By empowering your small home brew batches to rival kombucha from the store, we hope that we can make probiotic beverages a regular creation of every kitchen.

Scoby Safe Flavoring

Brewch organic flavors  will not harm your scoby. In fact, we test every brewch flavor to make sure that it works with the acetobactor and yeast colony to promote healthy sustained growth. Brewch Flavoring is 100% SCOBY Safe, because when your scoby is safe kombucha benefits your health.


Our mission is to make kombucha taste so good that a generation of people feel empowered to brew in their own homes. We know that learning how to make Kombucha might be a little daunting at first. That's why our home brew kombucha flavorings are designed to work like magic potions for your booch. Brewch unlocks flavors that will “wow” everyone who tries your kombucha. 

With just a little squirt of Brewch, you can create kombucha flavors that will rival anything sold in a store.

To accomplish our mission, we concentrate the organic essences from fruits and vegetables into a gluten free, sugar free, vegan flavoring extract that is extremely potent.  Just 10ml of Brewch is enough to flavor a gallon of your kombucha.

We are in love with our customers first, and our product second. We are  committed to listening to our customers and understanding their needs so that we can continue to improve our product, and make it part of the daily lives of the customers we serve.